Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Reach us from POSITANO and SORRENTO

Positano, at this time there is no direct boat to Ischia. We recommend one of the following options:
Positano via Capri to Ischia Porto

From Positano to Capri
08:50 Alicost
09:30 Alicost
10:00 Alicost
10:25 Lucibello
14:00 Lucibello
17:00 Lucibello

From Capri to Ischia Porto

16:40 (A ALILAURO)

Or else a boat from Sorrento to Ischia Porto:
Sorrento to Ischia Porto

09:30 (A ALILAURO)

The other option which will allow you to arrive directly in Forio Porto (the options above land you in Ischia Port and you will need to catch a bus to Forio - +-15min) is to go from Sorrento to Naples and from there to Forio Porto:
From Sorrento to Napoli Beverello

08:20 (A ALILAURO)
09:45 (A ALILAURO)
12:00 (A ALILAURO)
13:45 (A ALILAURO)
16:25 (A ALILAURO)
18:45 (A ALILAURO)
From Napoli Beverello to Forio

08:00 (A ALILAURO) (Feriale)
09:35 (A ALILAURO) (Tues, Wednes, Thurs)
09:40 (A ALILAURO) (stops first in Ischia porto - don't get off)
10:30 (A ALILAURO) (Stops first in Ischia porto - don't get off))
12:05 (A ALILAURO)
14:30 (A ALILAURO) (stops first in Ischia porto - don't get off)
16:55 (A ALILAURO) (Not available on Mondays - Stops first in Ischia porto - don't get off)
17:35 (A ALILAURO)
19:35 (A ALILAURO) (Thurs, Fri, Public holidays)

Its best to take note of the weather conditions on the day - if the sea is rough, the boats from Naples to Forio will not be running and you will have to stop in Ischia Porto regardless. So our most recommended way of reaching us is to try directly from Positano via Capri to Ischia. If you have not yet seen Capri it may be good to take one of the first boats and make a day of it.
Once arriving in Forio Porto - call us or email us your approx. arrival time and we will gladly collect you from the port of Forio.

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